2013 Computing in Cardiology Conference, Conference paper and poster, “Toward temporal fiber”, Matthew Ozon, Marc C. Robini, Carole Frindel, Pierre Croisille, and Yuemin Zhu.

2014 Engineering in Medicine and Biology 2014, Late breaking research posters paper, “Global DT-MRI Tractography Using Elastic Graphs”, Matthew Ozon, Marc C. Robini and Yuemin Zhu

2015 IEEE Transaction on Biomedical Engineering, Peer reviewed journal paper, Preprint “Global Diffusion Tractography by Simulated Annealing”, Marc C. Robini, Matthew Ozon, Carole Frindel, Feng Yang et Yuemin Zhu

2016 My thesis: “Tractographie Cardiaque Optimale par IRM du Tenseur de Diffusion”, preprint manuscript (mostly French), slide of the defense (French), repo git

2016 SPIE Conference, Conference paper (and talk), “Global optimization for image restoration in optical/IR interferometry”, Matthew Ozon, Éric Thiébaut, Ferréol Soulez et Jonathan Léger

2018 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP), “Identification of new particle formation events with deep learning”, Jorma Joutsensaari, Matthew Ozon, Tuomo Nieminen, Santtu Mikkonen, Timo Lähivaara, Stefano Decesari, M. Cristina Facchini, Ari Laaksonen and Kari E.J. Lehtinen

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