First day... not as far as expected

What’s on my mind

Well… as usual, the unforeseeable always strikes when it is not expected. More accurately, I think we were just in denial… a logistic denial. Let me explain shortly. We expected a 30m^2 to fit into a Golf V. I think I made my point… we were in denial of what’s real. Long story short, we spent an extra day after spending the whole night trying to sort and select what should and should not be moved right away so that we could move everything that we absolutely need. Here is the result, an overloaded Golf V and a box that we still rent… Then we got rid a some beers, at a friend’s, and then we started our road trip… just to make sure that we left on the day that was planned. We did not drive to far and stopped in a Kyriad hotel in Belfort, after a few stops on the road… yes, we were exhausted!


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