Killer whale safari

Here are some photo and video of our little whale watching tour in the fjordene! We sailed with Arctic Explorer, you can find really nice images on their website. I hope you enjoy the visual adventure.


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Leaving Tromsøya

Visiting the boat, doom’s style

First contact with the orcas

Gåsvær kapell: where the orcas were feeding.

Buffet for everyone. It is interesting to note that not only the killer whale are feeding on hareng, but the birds too (mostly seagulls and eagles). The orcas’ strategy is really military (according to what we were said) and simple. First they locate a shoal of hareng and isolate a small part. They confine the sub-shoal whirling around them, it’s a team work, the whole (almost) pod contribute to the task while a few (one by one I think) get into the “sphere of death” and feed on the isolated fishes. Apart from the fact that it is a really impressive way of feeding (team work), it is even more awesome to think that this is also used to teach the younger a good strategy to feed. Anyways, enjoy the buffet.

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