So, we recently decided to give a try to the most common commute way to move in Tromsø, i.e. cross country skiing, a.k.a. langrenn. We chose the classic version so that we can get used and learn the balance… what is different from downhill skiing. The first step, get the equipment! For that, we went to the G-Max and bought the basic skis (+fixations), shoes and poles. Then, well, we had to find ski trails… not really a beg deal because the closest ones are at about 20 m from the apartment :-D. One tip that may not seem much, but actually is. Do not use alpine’s ski wears, they are not well suited and you will get soaked in less than 10 min (I tried, I failed). Therefore, I advise you to use the dedicated equipment for cross country skiing (langrennsutstyr/langrennsklær) which is much lighter, flexible and breathable. Here is a playlist of our attempts til now, I hope you like it: