Projects (perso)


I like to develop projects on my own, especially when it may be useful for others (here I am being Utopian…). Anyways, I will try to gather my projects on this page in the near future.

A few simulation tools

This project came to life when I believed that I could handle the three components that I wish I have in my job, mathematics, physics and computing science… well, we all know that it is barely possible, or at least, it is a real challenge to excel in the three at the same time, so I had to leave apart some components. Hence, the project mostly deal with the simulation of objects that can interacts (in whatever manner you like), but it also include spin echo simulation (MRI), the basics of integration, a visualization module, etc. Here is the repository of the project. (I hope I’ll have time to upload a video of a simulation)

Image manipulation

Well, I choose to specialize in image processing, so I also developed a library/overlay for manipulating image, in particular the medical format dicom. The aim of this small library is to help you with usual operation in medical imaging community, for instance, loading dicom images and compute the simplest operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication… Some methods are multithreaded using pthread (POSIX). The project relies on the library gdcm for the dicom format manipulations. One especially interesting part of the library is the multithread handling class that deals with thread generation, launching and queuing. Have a look? Here.